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5th Grade Homework

April 30, 2020 




      Here is the link to our  Zoom class meeting :


 Link to online learning resources : 


Religion -

Reading -  AR LINK :

Vocabulary -

Math -  


Science -

Social Studies -

Other notes :


Work Checklist for Extended “Spring Break”

**Be ready to turn in when you return**



_______Unit 2 (week 4) worksheet

_______ Context Clues worksheet

________Read AR – take at least 2 books home and be ready to test (depending on length of book)


English -

________Worksheets 4.9 – 4.11

________ Sentence corrections

________Writing Journal entries (choose 3 and write 1 GOOD paragraph on each in your writing journal)*Illustrations for bonus points



________ Unit 14 test online on Sadlier Connect (before Thursday 3-19)

________Unit 15 complete



_______ Reteach worksheets

_______Lesson 58 1-21 and A-I

_______ Lesson 59 1-22 and A-H

_______ Lesson 60 1-27 and A-C


Computers –

________ Complete Zoo animal Power Point – if possible! If you do not have Power Point, do not worry about it. We will do it when you get back!




If you have questions, feel free to call Mrs. Stroup between 10 am and 3 pm daily. ** 573-576-0179** (or send a Remind) If you need something, outside of those hours, please text or send a Remind and I will get back to you ASAP. (I have night classes at night Monday-Thursday that have not been cancelled.) Thank you!!


5th grade checklist #2


Week of March 30-April 3

______*Continue to work on work from before the break! READ A.R!!! Work on the CSI math game for extra credit/fun. You can start working on the new work, if you would like to get a head start!


Week of April 6-8 *Easter Week

______Work on the Easter Packet. It includes some Math, Reading/Language Arts and some puzzles

______ Take Vocabulary Test 15 online **It will open at 8 a.m. on Monday, April 6 and will close at midnight on April 8. If you do not test within that timeframe, you will have to take a paper/pencil test as soon as we return to school.**

_______ Read AR and take tests

_______ MathTake test 12A. This is a take home test. You may use your books and ask for help, but you need to show your work! It is for a grade.

_______ Math – Unit 1 Review worksheets pages 21-23



Week of April 14-17

______ Work on Spring Break Packet. It includes some Math, Reading/Language Arts and some puzzles.

______Vocabulary – work on Unit 16 – same directions as always. Page 162-167

Week of April 14-17 cont….

______Read AR and take tests

______Math Work on Math Puzzle Packet – who stole the teacher’s sunglasses? Solve the mystery!!

______ Math Unit 2 Review pages 36-37



Week of April 20-24

______ English - Write Mrs. Stroup a letter (at least one good paragraph) to let me know how you have been doing lately. What have you done in your free time? What have you enjoyed about this time off? What do you miss about school? Take a picture of your letter and have your parents send it to me through Remind or Text.

______ English – Verb Review worksheets

______ Vocabulary – Test on Unit 16 *I will send a Remind when I open the test up.

______ Reading – READ AR and take tests!!!

______ Math – Unit 3 Review pages 51-53, Fractions page 54-57, Perimeter and Area pages 118 and 120


Checklist for May 1- May 13


Reading – Keep up with The Cay chapters and activities discussed on Zoom meetings. Worksheets included in this packet are to be completed once the book is finished. We will go over directions on Zoom.

READ AR – 100% day will be May 13!!


Vocabulary – Unit 17 should be completed by Tuesday, May 5. Send pictures/emails to Mrs. Stroup. The test will open up on Thursday, May 7 and close on Friday, May 8 for Unit 17.

Unit 18 will be due Tuesday, May 12 and that will be the final grade for Vocabulary. There will be no test on Unit 18 J


English –  Writing journal entries. The Writing prompts are included in the folder. There are 5 choices – they should choose 3 of them (but they must do number 5). Please write one good paragraph on each topic chosen. They can write the paragraphs on looseleaf (and take a picture and email it to me) or they can type the paragraphs in an email and send them to me that way. These will be due FRIDAY, May 8.

***The speeches will be the final English grades. They are worth 100 points, so please make sure the student practices the speech before giving it. They should have an outline to turn in and a visual aid to show during the speech. We will discuss this in more detail on our Zoom meetings. Students already have their assigned days.


Math – We will go over new lessons on Zoom meetings and discuss the directions on there.


**It is very important for the students to be on the Zoom meetings moving forward. We will be reading our book, discussing speeches and doing our math lessons through that format. They will have assignments to show and check over on the meetings. If the student does not show up for the meetings and I am not notified prior to the beginning of the meeting, they may lose points for participation. If there are technical difficulties (as I know there can be J) please let me know ASAP. **


Thank you for all you have done during this difficult time. You are all in my prayers! I am thankful that I will get to have this class again in 8th grade, since our time together this year was cut short.



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7th grade Math

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