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March 13, 2020


Religion: Read “Into His Likeness pg 1-80. Stations of the Cross Booklet # 1-4.


Social Studies:  Read pgs. 158-162. Section 2 SG due Tues.


Math: Get test signed. Lesson 54 pgs. 382-384 #1-24 due Tuesday


Pre-Algebra:  Get test signed. Lesson 49 pgs. 333-335 #1-30 due Wed.


Reading: READ


A.R. Skills: Finish Treasure Island


Science:  Get test signed.




Vocabulary: Review Units 10-12 Pg. 156-163 skip pg. 160 due Wednesday. Review Units 10-12 Test Thursday


Art: Favorite Emoji




Notes: Unit 12 Vocab Test has been sent home. Please look at, sign, and return to me A.S.A.P


Social Studies test have been sent home. Please look, at sign, and return to me by Wed.