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March 20, 2019


Religion: Study 12 Apostles, 7 deadly sins, virtues, and Ten Commandments in order (spelling counts) know Lenten pop quiz information.  Check Lenten Calendar daily. Read pgs 47-48. Do page 25 in S.A.B.


Social Studies:


Math: Get Test Signed.  


Pre-Algebra: P.S 56 pgs. 386-388 number 1-30 due Thursday


Reading: READ 100% tomorrow.


A.R. Skills: Rd. pg. 7- 103 in Treasure Island.


Science: Ch. 5 Lesson 2 Packet and outline due tomorrow. Get test signed.


English: Get Grandparents address, ALL OF THEM!


Vocabulary: Review Units 10-12 Test, tomorrow.


Art: St. Patrick’s Day


Spanish: Study first 16 words, pg 96. RETEST TOMORROW.


Notes: Vocabulary tests have been sent home. Please look at, sign, and return to me A.S.A.P.